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Making Data Storage Green and Beneficial

We are thought leaders working towards a more sustainable technological and innovative solution to protect our environment.

With backgrounds in Engineering and Technology, we have come together to create an innovative green solution for the increased data storage needs across the globe. Our new approach limits the negative environmental impact associated with current concentrated storage while addressing concerns about data security and reliability. Our technology utilizes existing structures thereby further reducing the environmental impact of the ever growing demand. Our services create a community of incentivized farmers who help grow the service and the brand.


The Internet Cloud Has a Dirty Secret

“U.S. data centers consumed 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014, the same amount that 6.4 million American homes used that year. …cooling can comprise up to 40% of electricity usage in conventional data centers.” We have a solution for you! #prowessdata #thenewcloud

In Land-Constrained Singapore, Keppel Eyes Floating Data Centers

Land is wasted worldwide for the use of data centers in an ever growing data driven world. New extremes are being explored to cope with the demand.What if a new alternative was available to help preserve precious land or keep it available for farming? #prowessdata #thenewcloud


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